Grindstone Lake Association

Grindstone Lake Association

A community of neighbors dedicated to the conservation and enjoyment of Grindstone Lake


Please join us on July 29th from 4-6PM for the Grindstone Lake Association happy hour at Trails End restaurant just off of Highway K on Lac Courte Oreilles.

We will provide free appetizers and Trails End is offering drink specials. Look forward to seeing you there for food, fun and conversation!

Welcome to the Grindstone Lake Association, a group of neighbors and friends who share a common interest in preserving and improving the environment and the community in and around Grindstone Lake. We are proud of the quality of life at Grindstone Lake, both for the people and for the flora and fauna that inhabit the area. Some of our members are part-year residents, some stay year-round, and some only drop in for a weekend now and then. Still, we are all part of this community, and we all enjoy the lake and have wonderful memories of summers past and dreams for the future.

If you are already a member of GLA and are simply seeking a way to renew your membership, you can do so by clicking here.

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GLA was founded in 1994, and each successive board has worked to increase our membership and to develop active committees. We also actively partner with LCO Conservation Department, University of Wisconsin Extension, Wisconsin Association of Lakes, Sawyer County Lakes Forum, and the Wisconsin DNR.

Why become a member of the Grindstone Lake Association?

Besides giving you the opportunity to increase your social circle in the Grindstone Lake community, your membership will provide you with the following benefits.

You will gain a voice in the larger community. Both DNR and local government officials appreciate and recognize the voice of our membership. They value our ability to inform lake property owners and other stakeholders about matters concerning the lake, and to involve our members in any actions which may be needed to protect the lake.

You will have access to our archives. We have collected and stored over a decade of invaluable Information about the ecological health of the lake’s water, fish, plant life, shoreline and watershed.

You will be invited to the GLA social functions. Currently we hold an annual picnic and meeting on the first Saturday of July. We’d love suggestions for more events that you would attend.

You will have the chance to take real actions to protect the lake. Members work with the DNR to protect and improve the health of our lake’s environment.

We hope you will find the information you seek within these pages, but if not, you can either email or call us – we’d love to hear from you.